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Now that you mention Mason Jars

My Aunt Dot canned vegetables which she picked from her own garden. The entire process could last for hours. We were allowed to sit in the kitchen and shell beans, shuck corn, snap the snap beans, and rinse the veggies in the sink. Of course, the colander was metal, not plastic. While these activities took place, a huge pot of boiling water containing Mason jars, bubbled and sputtered until everything was sterilized. Then, Aunt Dot would use tongs and remove the jars from the water.

Skip the cooling process. The jars were filled with delicious corn, beans, tomatoes, squash, and more colorful veggies. My favorite was sweet corn. Just the thought of it makes my mouth water. But, the entire event would have been impossible without Mason jars!

Mason jars filled with vegetables


Image: Wikimedia Commons


Growing up back then

I remember when the lightning bugs came out right at dusk and my sisters and I caught them in glass mason jars. We punched holes in the lids so that the little creatures could live. We thought they would live. Anyway, we took them inside, placed the jars in the window sill and watched. THe bugs flickered on and off for a while. Then they died. But, we loved watching them for as long as they fluttered and glittered.