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‘Twas the night before Friday

Do you know the feeling? You are so tired that the only thing you want to do is sleep. Sleep for a long time, undisturbed. The other night proved to be quite loud, and for some reason or another, the following words fell into place late Friday afternoon, when I woke up from a very long nap.

‘Twas the night before Friday, and I couldn’t sleep,

I tried counting moonbeams, I tried counting sheep.

The neighbors were banging and running around,

Their footsteps and hollers, to my face brought a frown.

The noise was intense and my brain was afire

With wishes of quietness, oh, someone fill my desire!

The hours rolled by and the noise remained high,

My panic had risen and I thought I might die.

When out of nowhere a loud voice intruded,

‘Oh no,’ I did think, ‘more noise,’ I concluded.

The flurry of banging and yelling stopped not,

My headache was roaring, my skin was too hot.

I placed the earplugs deep into my ear,

Thinking to myself,’these should help, have no fear.’

Well, they did not help and the neighbors kept on,

The loudness and howling shifted into high gear!

The clock on the table told me 6 hours had passed by,

By now it was morning, I thought I would cry.

I admit I was tired and frustrated, justly so,

I wondered how long the pollution would last,

I adjusted the earplugs, and heard such a blast

From the upstairs apartment, my hopes were then dashed.

Not waiting to listen to more of the clatter,

I put on my headphones, looking like the Mad Hatter.

By now my poor eyeballs were rolling around,

So I scrounged under covers, and making no sound,

Rolled over and started to sing to myself,

‘Don’t worry, be happy tra la tra la. They’ll fall asleep soon, tra la tra la.’

The end of this story is quite simply this:

By midday the neigbors had fallen asleep,

And for 7 long hours I heard not a peep.