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Underneath the Sink


The other night I could not sleep. The song by Adele, Grammy winner, popped into my head. Rolling in the Deep kept turning and churning in my head until a new song emerged, based on my lack of sleep and an underlying need to empty the trashcan underneath my kitchen sink. Perhaps the rhythm of the song is what started the whole thing, I am not sure. One thing is sure, my husband said I should post it when I sang this at breakfast. Chalk it up to lack of sleep/trash under the sink. The tune fits somewhat. The ending, well, not so much.

There’s some garbage underneath my sink,

Composting silently, it’s starting to really stink.

Fragrance seeps up through the stainless drain,

Ought to reach in and grab the rot while I still can,

“Go ‘head you silly girl, “if only in your dreams.”

Just try to walk that far, it’s closer than it seems.


The bag is heavy and the way is tough,

It makes me wonder if I can make it without falling,

In the rough, the bag is heavy and the dumpster is near,

I toss it in and bang shut the lid.

Garbage is finally down in the heap.

Nothing more to keep,

And I made it, and I made it back inside.