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Blogger award nomination

on October 20, 2012

What a surprise! A sweet blogger, Cal from AZ, has nominated me for a Beautiful blogger award. Her blog is called “The Good Life” according to Cal – http://calundmark.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/am-i-blushing/

The deal is to write 7 random facts about myself. OK.

1.  I like Bobby McFerrin’s music.

2.  When I was little, I took tap, ballet, and jazz classes.

3.  I am near-sighted.

4.  My favorite animal is the elephant.

5.  My next favorite animal is the penguin.

6.  I just started this blog a few weeks ago.

7.  I love books.

Since this is new for me, I have not gotten around to reading 15 other blogs. Therefore, I am unable to nominate 15 bloggers.

But, thank you, again, Cal, for the nomination.


One response to “Blogger award nomination

  1. Jo Wilfred says:

    Well deserved! You got yourself a nice blog. Random fact are fun but more revealing than you know!

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