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Tongue twisters and Seashells

on October 3, 2012

You might remember learning tongue twisters when you were a child. My sisters and I learned several. One that still sticks in my mind (after 50 years), is this one: “Shining Sally sitting in a shiny sugar shop. Sit, shining Sally, sit.” Oh, yes, it makes me laugh. Another unforgettable one is: “She sells sea shells down by the seashore.”

I remember that we often collapsed in giggles on our beds after ruining these tongues twisters. Such fun. My love for seashells has remained strong to this day.

Seashells from the North Carolina Coast


One response to “Tongue twisters and Seashells

  1. John says:

    We had a lot of fun too doing tongue twister.

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