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Moon landing and chocolate cake

Do you remember where you were on July 20, 1969? Can you remember what you had on? Do you remember what you ate? Do you remember that July 20 was Sunday? I remember exactly where I was and what I ate that day.

We had driven to the beach, Emerald Isle, North Carolina. We were going to celebrate two events. The moon landing and mama’s birthday. I thought that the moon landing was most exciting, to be honest with you. We stayed in an old, but very well kept Airstream trailer. My parents had bought it earlier in the year.

As tradition dictated, a chocolate cake was soon in the making. We mixed the Betty Crocker mix, poured it in a long pan, placed it in the gas oven, and waited. When the bell rang, we took the cake out, let it cool, and iced it with chocolate icing. I took a huge slice and went outside.

I headed to the nearest sand dune behind the trailer. Binoculars in hand, I sat down and gazed upward at the moon, half expecting to see the module on the surface. Then for some unknown reason, I howled like a wild banshee. Again and again. I just knew that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong could hear me. Silly me, I was just a teenager.

My sisters ran outside and asked me what was gong on. I said nothing, and we went back in. Mama turned on the television and we watched Walter Cronkite announce to the world that the module had landed. We squealed, ate the rest of the cake, and went to bed. And that’s the way it was. Good night.

I can still taste that cake!

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Blogger award nomination

What a surprise! A sweet blogger, Cal from AZ, has nominated me for a Beautiful blogger award. Her blog is called “The Good Life” according to Cal – http://calundmark.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/am-i-blushing/

The deal is to write 7 random facts about myself. OK.

1.  I like Bobby McFerrin’s music.

2.  When I was little, I took tap, ballet, and jazz classes.

3.  I am near-sighted.

4.  My favorite animal is the elephant.

5.  My next favorite animal is the penguin.

6.  I just started this blog a few weeks ago.

7.  I love books.

Since this is new for me, I have not gotten around to reading 15 other blogs. Therefore, I am unable to nominate 15 bloggers.

But, thank you, again, Cal, for the nomination.

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“Run, Forrest, run!”

The other day while I was eating breakfast, I felt the need to go to the bathroom. My stiff knees and rheumatic fingers were of little help when I tried to get up from the sofa. After a minute of struggling to stand upright, I did manage to hobble in the direction of the bathroom. All of a sudden my husband shouted from his chair in the living room: “Run, Forrest, run!” Needless to say, I almost collapsed while laughing my head off.

What can I say? The remark set the tone for the rest of the day. 🙂



Knit suits and “Pink Tinge”

Mama used to put her hair up in a twist. She stood with her back to the bathroom mirror, hung another mirror around her neck, and got to work. I sometimes sat on the side of the tub and handed the black pins to her as she needed them. After she was finished, she sprayed the twist with hairspray, which made us cough every time.

She did this routine every morning before she went to work. After leaving the bathroom, she would put on one of her knit suits. She had a green one, a red one, and a light blue one. Then, mama would flurry back into the bathroom, grab a tube of lipstick from the glass shelf, and apply the “Pink Tinge”. Avon brand, that is. Bright pink.

The name “Pink Tinge” makes me smile. Ding dong!

Avon add from 1960

Avon ad from 1960

Image: Link to Avon

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Tongue twisters and Seashells

You might remember learning tongue twisters when you were a child. My sisters and I learned several. One that still sticks in my mind (after 50 years), is this one: “Shining Sally sitting in a shiny sugar shop. Sit, shining Sally, sit.” Oh, yes, it makes me laugh. Another unforgettable one is: “She sells sea shells down by the seashore.”

I remember that we often collapsed in giggles on our beds after ruining these tongues twisters. Such fun. My love for seashells has remained strong to this day.

Seashells from the North Carolina Coast

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Now that you mention Mason Jars

My Aunt Dot canned vegetables which she picked from her own garden. The entire process could last for hours. We were allowed to sit in the kitchen and shell beans, shuck corn, snap the snap beans, and rinse the veggies in the sink. Of course, the colander was metal, not plastic. While these activities took place, a huge pot of boiling water containing Mason jars, bubbled and sputtered until everything was sterilized. Then, Aunt Dot would use tongs and remove the jars from the water.

Skip the cooling process. The jars were filled with delicious corn, beans, tomatoes, squash, and more colorful veggies. My favorite was sweet corn. Just the thought of it makes my mouth water. But, the entire event would have been impossible without Mason jars!

Mason jars filled with vegetables


Image: Wikimedia Commons